Saturday, August 22, 2020

Word Slingers, Saturday August 22, 2020

Some Word Slingers writing workshop products from this morning's session and their associated prompts. 

How could she walk away from a Popsicle in August in the desert?

It wasn't a survival course and she had to pee. Setting it down on a stack of napkins she walked swiftly to the restrooms.

The swamp cooler was blowing chilled air and invisible smoke ash gently over the paddle shaped treat that was already descending into a swampy puddle.

Balance, that was what was needed. An exchange of molecules, pro's and con's, options with a reasonable chance to resolve into a happy compromise. Can I respect the urgent demands of my bladder while sustaining a frosty and refreshing mouth engagement. Certainly there's no Popsicle holders in the ladies room.

When she returned it was gone, only a slight stain on the counter.

Prompt: Single word "Popsicle"

* * * * * 

Grow Houses I Have Known.

We kept putting up signs - Fresh Tomatoes, with a red arrow pointing down the dirt road that ran perpendicular to the two lane highway.

I think the water haulers thought it was funny and we never heard from the tourists again, but I suspect we'll have to be more stealthy putting up new signs to replace the ones torn down by the grow house help.

It was a shining example of the grey economy and was clearly another ephemeral extraction industry for these parts. Jobs for a few and quick profit for backers willing to gamble against blistering winds and marauding dust devils.

Something to shake your head about while offering a slight chuckle when gathered with neighbors.

It's legal and it's not. We grow some of the finest tomatoes here! 

Prompt: Single word "Marijuana"

* * * * *

ONE STAR. Wouldn't Recommend. See photo gallery (21 pics)

If you're looking for a good time look elsewhere. He was a stone cold blank. Seemingly wordless, even his mumbles lacked conviction. I think he might have drooled once when my Festival Chili Dog was placed in front of me (see surveillance pic 7-9, thanks Arbys!) The dating app clearly needs to update it's liability terms. Maybe they did and the brain-dead have slid into the 'available for fun and food adventures' tier. If that was so, why Arby's for our meetup? Look elsewhere.

Prompt: Write a Yelp-like review of a date.