Saturday, October 10, 2020

Word Slingers, Saturday October 10, 2020

Some Word Slingers product from this morning's session and their associated prompt.

It was number 7. The third RiteAid that morning, and the 3rd RiteAid on Highway 62. So much for the surveillance state, HIPPA and digital privacy. I was on my seventh flu shot of the day. Still not sure how I arrived at this challenge, but I was well into it now after a false start last year and just 3 flu shots in as many days.

I had my Rhodia notebook to collect the set of peeled off band-aids. I was still feeling good and had a boost of adrenaline when I gave out my false identity to the pharmacy clerk. My left arm was definitely tingling but didn't look worst the wear for all the morning's vaccine pricks.

A cheap high thanks to the borrowed Medicare credentials, but the mileage was adding up. What kind of high? Hard to say. Maybe just the hill topping, rock climbing type high. The trite "because it was there."

I wonder if the casino is giving out free flu shots today. I'm definitely feeling lucky.

Prompt: You're never going to believe this.

* * * * *

Due to technical difficulties and a bad connection, our previously schedule guest Mother Nature, who goes by the name Gaia, will not be joining us today. We hope to resolve these issues and have Mother Nature, whose goes by the name Gaia, back very soon in another installment of the Bodega Biosphere podcast.

Our deepest thanks to today guest, Diana, the Moon Goddess, who has agreed to  join for an in depth discussion of all things moon related. Let the lunacy commence...

Diana: First off, I like to tell Elon Musk to go fuck himself. What's with his Mars obsession. Such a little boy. Terraforming the moon too difficultt for you, you billionaire brat?

Prompt: The special guest on your podcast today is Mother Nature

* * * * *

Food poisoning goes by many names. One of them is Mayonnaise.

Used successfully against against a superior opponent, it's called Miracle Whip.

Practically unregulated, the single use poison packets fly out of eateries unsolicited and concealed in packaging and if you are lucky enough to survive, you will no doubt have new appreciation for the phrase "food to go..."

Prompt: Mayonnaise